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Apple Trees for Sale for Fall 2015

Apple trees are $20 each.  In order to get even more great apple varieties back into circulation, the trees are only $15 each if Tom selects 50% or more of the trees for a customer’s order (this helps to get more great apple varieties back into circulation). The trees are on EMLA-111 and 106 rootstock; a smaller number of others are on M-7 and Bud-9 rootstock.

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You can help the heritage apple search and preservation effort by purchasing some of Tom Brown’s apple trees.  In purchasing some of these great heritage trees, you will be establishing a “mini preservation orchard” at your home and the proceeds of any sales will help fund Tom’s effort to find additional lost apple varieties.

In addition to the apples listed below, we have about 20 other apple varieties for Fall sale in very limited quantities. Please let us know what varieties you need or describe the apple characteristics you most value or let Tom select some great apple trees for you.

Apple Trees for Sale Fall 2015
Heritage Apple Nursery

Albemarle Pippin---large, rounded and very slightly conical, light green to light yellow, mildly tart somewhat aromatic, good keeper, a famous apple that dates back to colonial times, ripe October, found in Franklin Co., VA, frequently just called "Pippin".

Banana---large to very large, globular, yellow with a red blush, juicy, from an immense old tree laying down on the ground, ripe October, found in Alleghany Co., NC.

Bart---medium, slightly flattened, red & green, tart, for jelly and applesauce, ripe September, a very old apple found in northeastern Georgia and central Tennessee.

Beauty of the World---large, round and very slightly pointed, blushed and striped with an attractive red, juicy and slightly tart, ripe October in Yancey Co., NC.

Benham (Brown)---medium, slightly flattened, whitish yellow, occasional red blush, moderately tart, ripe July, a beloved early apple from Scott & Lee Cos., VA.

Betsy Deaton---large round, beautifully colored with red, delightfully tart taste, ripe late September.  A great local apple found in Yancey and Mitchell Counties, NC.

Blacktwig---large, somewhat flattened, red with some greenish-yellow, mildly tart, ripe October; found in Alexander Co., NC.

Blush Pippin---medium to large, slightly elongated, lemon yellow, with a bright pink blush, firm, tart, prominent dots on skin, ripe October in Yancey Co., NC (similar to the Yellow Pippin, which is less colorful).

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig---medium, slightly flattened, green mostly covered with red & with small rusty spots, dense flesh, mildly tart, ripe very late, the famous apple from the Brushy Mountains Wilkes and Alexander Cos., NC.

Buttermilk---medium-large, round, light yellow, tart, and applesauce from the Buttermilk won a Blue Ribbon at the Avery Co., NC fall fair.  The tree is very "limby" with many small limbs, which could make it good candidate for a visual screen planting.

Camack Sweet---medium-large, round to slightly elongated, light whitish-yellow color with some occasional red blush, slightly sweet, ripe very late, a good keeper, from Haywood Co., NC.

Crow Egg---a dull red apple with a unique pointed shape, medium sized, favored for fresh eating; old trees can still be found in western Yancey and eastern Madison Cos., also occasionally found further north into Tazewell Co., VA.

Dry Creek Pippin---medium to large, round, slightly flattened shape, red with a greenish-yellow background, juicy & tender, with a great flavor, ripe in September.  This seedling apple is the opposite of "firm and crunchy"; when eating, chunks break off with very little jaw pressure.

Dula Beauty---large to very large, round and slightly flattened, a dull dark red, mildly tart, ripe October; from Caldwell & Wilkes Cos., NC.

Early Harvest---medium, slightly flattened, almost white when fully ripe, ripe July, and found in Macon Co., NC; this popular early variety was also found at many other locations.

Early Transparent---medium-large, slightly flattened, greenish-yellow to light yellow, almost translucent when very ripe, juicy, great all-round apple, tart, ripe July, found in Wilkes Co., NC.

Fallawater---an immense greenish yellow general purpose cooking apple; tart, firm, widely distributed, but especially found from Grayson Co., VA to Avery Co., NC.

Hall---southern nurseries widely sold this great tasting apple which is smaller and a late good keeper, green with red; this apple had been most frequently mentioned in Tennessee at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I finally found a tree in Alexander Co., NC.

Horse---medium-large, somewhat flattened, slightly conical, yellow, tart, ripe in August; can be used for applesauce and fried pies plus many other uses, found in Wilkes Co., NC. [Every county had some version of a Horse apple.]

Jellyflower Sweet---a truly wonderful apple with a wonderful name; very large, conical, light golden yellow, almost sweet, ripe October, for general purpose usage; found in Haywood Co., NC, also mentioned in Jackson Co., NC.

Johnny (Johnny Clark, Clark)---medium, slightly flattened, light yellow, sweet, ripe July, a beloved local variety found in Tennessee between Jonesborough and Greeneville.

Junaluska---medium-large, slightly flattened, dull golden yellow with an infrequent red blush, scattered surface russet, mild somewhat spicy taste, the favorite apple of the famous Cherokee Chief, Junaluska, found in Macon Co., NC.

June Pink---medium-large, slightly flattened, pinkish-red blushed, mildly tart, ripe month of July, found in Forsyth Co., NC.

King Luscious---large to very large, round and slightly flattened, greenish-yellow mostly covered with red, juicy and mildly tart, ripe October, found in Craig Co., VA.

Koger (Cougar)---very large, round, light green to light yellow, firm, very tart, slightly bitter, very late ripening, a prominent old apple previously between Jonesville and Dot, VA, an actual tree was finally found in Watauga Co., NC.

Leola Early June---medium, slightly flattened, whitish-yellow with scattered light red stripes, mildly tart, ripe late June and very early July, found in Macon Co., NC.

Magnum Bonum---medium, slightly oblate, red with yellow background, mildly tart, great flavor, ripe late September, found in Wilkes Co., NC.  This apple is the perfect size for a snack.

Mommie---large, round, yellow & light red, slightly tart, ripe late September, from western Yancey Co., NC.

Mountain Boomer---large to very large, round, light yellow, juicy, slightly tart, ripe in September: scattered trees of this rare variety have been found in at least five North Carolina and Tennessee mountain counties.

Ohio Sweet---medium, round, light whitish yellow, prominent dots, slightly sweet, ripe late August: these apples were in Wilkes Co., NC and further north in Grayson Co., VA.

Pound Royal---large to very large, round greenish yellow, mildly tart, juicy, ripe late July to early August, from eastern Kentucky.

Raleigh---large, roundish oblate, green mostly covered with red, ripe October, great all-round apple, found in Wise Co., VA.

Red Astor---medium, round, very bright red, tart, ripe August, a very beautiful apple, found in Wilkes & Watauga Cos., NC.

Red Buckingham---medium-large, slightly flattened, having a beautiful bright red blush with prominent light dots, slightly tart, ripe early September in Wilkes Co., NC.

Red June---medium, slightly flattened, having a beautiful red blush, white flesh is moderately tart, ripe in July.  Every county had a version of the "Red June"; this one is from Jackson Co., NC.

Red Potts---medium-large, round to slightly elongated, dull red color, mildly tart, ripe July, found in northern Iredell Co., NC.

Royal Limbertwig---medium-large flattened, green with prominent dots and a little red blush, tart, a great winter keeper, ripe in October: a prominent old apple in Wilkes Co., NC and also in Patrick Co., VA.  There is another apple found further west in North Carolina and northern Georgia which is redder and slightly taller and is named the Red Royal Limbertwig.

Rusty Coat---medium, flattened almost totally covered with russet, tart, ripe October, a good keeper, some apples hang on until February; from Catawba Co., NC.

Sheepnose---medium, elongated, dull red, slightly dry with a great taste, ripe September-October, a good keeper.  "Sheepnose" is also a generic name for any elongated apple; this one was found in Macon Co., NC.

Sheepnose Sweet---medium, elongated and conical, whitish-yellow, sweet, ripe early August, found in Alexander Co., NC

Stayman Winesap---large, round, green, mostly covered with red, juicy, an old Southern favorite ripe in October.  The apples from a Stayman tree were used to make vinegar in Yancey Co., NC.

Summer Rambo---an old southern favorite, a large apple, slightly flattened, green with red stripes, tart, ripe August.  Found near Fancy Gap, VA grafted into a Vanilla Pippin apple tree.

Virginia Beauty ---medium to large, round and slightly conical, dull blackish red with prominent russet around the stem, mildly tart, ripe October.  This is the favorite apple of many people.

Walker's Favorite---large, round and slightly conical, whitish yellow, juicy, a great all-round apple, ripe early September: a great seedling tree from Yancey Co., NC.

White Buckingham---large to very large, slightly flattened to flattened, greenish-yellow with an occasional blush, tart, ripe in August; a wonderful all-round summer cooking apple.

Winter Banana---medium-large, slightly flattened, bright red on yellow, one of the most strikingly beautiful apples, tart, ripe October found in Carter Co., TN.

Winter Jon---medium, round, whitish-yellow, very tart, ripe November, great apple for jelly, found in Madison Co., NC.

Winter Sheepnose---medium-large, elongated and slightly conical, greenish-yellow, firm, medium tart, ripe November, found in Grayson Co., VA.

Wolf River---large to very large, slightly flattened to flattened, greenish yellow half covered with red, tart, ripe September, often used to make apple butter, found in Macon Co., NC.

Wolf River Buff---very large, flattened, dark crimson red on green background, tart, ripe October, found in Carroll Co., VA.

Yellow Potts---medium, flattened, light golden yellow, tart, wonderful for pies and dried apples, found in northern Iredell & north-eastern Alexander Cos., NC.

Available in Very Limited Quantities

  • Arkansas Black
  • August Start
  • Banner
  • Beck Sercy
  • Cannon Pearmain
  • Chicago
  • Courtland
  • Dumpling
  • Fall Premium
  • Fred Woods Sweet
  • Golden Sweet
  • Green Spitzenburg
  • Hundred Dollar
  • Jellyflower Sour
  • McLean
  • Notley Pea
  • Sal
  • and Yellow Pippin


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