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Apples Found

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County Listed Is Where Apple Was First Found



Accordian---Rockingham Co., NC
Adam and Eve---Wilkes Co., NC
Albemarle Pippin---Albemarle Co., VA
Alleghany Seedling---Alleghany Co., NC
Allison Stripe (Pounder)---Johnson Co., TN
Allum---Guilford Co., NC
Almeda---Watauga Co., NC
American Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
American Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Amy---Rockingham Co., NC
Anderson---Hawkins Co., TN
Ann---Ashe Co., NC
Annette---Pike Co., KY
Anoka---Greene Co., TN
Anderson---Hawkins Co., TN
Appalachian Limbertwig---Haywood Co., NC
Apple Butter---Yancey Co., NC
Arkansas Black---Wilkes Co., NC
Armstrong---Rabun Co., GA
Asher---Leslie Co., KY
Aspirin---Wilkes Co., NC
Asterus---Carter Co., TN
August Beauty---Lee Co., VA
August Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
August Start---Floyd Co., KY
Aunt Jane---Scott Co., VA
Aunt Sally---Wilkes Co., NC
Autumn Strawberry---Avery Co., NC

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Bald Mountain---Macon Co., NC
Baldwin (red & green)---Carroll Co., VA
Baldwin (yellow)---Madison Co., NC
Balsam---Wilkes Co., NC
Balsam Sweet---Russell Co., VA
Baltimore Pound---Wilkes Co., NC
Baltimore Red---Yancey Co., NC
Banana (large, yellow)---Jackson Co., NC
Banana (large, yellow, sheepnose)---Haywood Co., NC
Banana (med., round, yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Banana (small, oblate, yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Banana Greenskin---Yancey Co., NC
Banana Pippin---Watauga Co., NC
Banana Rose---Henderson Co., NC
Banana Sweet---Avery Co., NC
Bank (large, yellow)---Macon Co., NC
Bank (med., yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Banner Red---Carroll Co., VA
Banner Yellow---Alleghany Co., NC
Barker's Liner---Wilkes Co., NC
Barn---Madison Co., NC
Barnhart Beauty---Raleigh Co., WV
Barrel---Patrick Co., VA
Bart---Rabun Co., GA
Batchelor---Macon Co., NC
Bates---Macon Co., NC
Bausel---Ashe Co., NC
Bazz---Graham Co., NC
Beacher---Macon Co., NC
Bean---Avery Co., NC
Beauty Of The World---Yancey Co., NC
Beck Searcy---Henderson Co., NC
Bee Bench---Alexander Co., NC
Bell Court---Macon Co., NC
Ben Davis (red)---Grayson Co., VA
Ben Hur---Carter Co., TN
Benfield---Wilkes Co., NC
Benham---Scott Co., VA
Ben Lamond Limbertwig---Warren Co., TN
Benoni---Grayson Co., VA
Benson---Smyth Co., VA
Betsy Crockett---Tazewell Co., VA
Betty---Yancey Co., NC
Bevan's Favorite---Wilkes Co., NC
Biddick Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Bietigheimer---Greenbrier Co., WV
Big Andy---Gaston Co., NC
Big Boy---Letcher Co., KY
Big Flavor---Avery Co., NC
Big Horse---Wilkes Co., NC
Big Limb---Wilkes Co., NC
Big Nonsuch---Macon Co., NC
Big Rambo---Carter Co., TN
Big Red---Haywood Co., NC
Bill---Letcher Co., KY
Bill Thin Skin---Rabun Co., GA
Billy Sparks Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Bingham---Wilkes Co., NC
Biscuit (lg., green)(Biscuit Horse)---Avery Co., NC
Biscuit (med., red)---Yancey Co., NC
Bitter Buckingham---Surry Co., NC
Bitter Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Bitter Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Black (lg., black-red)---Macon Co., NC
Black (med., red inside)---Yancey Co., NC
Black Amish---Haywood Co., NC
Black Ammit---Letcher Co., KY
Black Banana---Mitchell Co., NC
Black Beauty---Yadkin Co., NC
Black Ben Davis---Haywood, Co., NC
Black Benham---Scott Co., VA
Black Bud---Guilford Co., NC
Black Buff---Yancey Co., NC
Black Jack---Carter Co., TN
Black Limbertwig---Jackson Co., NC
Black Oxford---Watauga Co., NC
Black Sap---Alleghany Co., NC
Blacktwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Blood---Yadkin Co., NC
Blood Red Crab---Wilkes Co., NC
Blue Ridge King---Carroll Co., VA
Blue Skin---Hawkins Co., TN
Blush Pippin---Yancey Co., NC
Bob---Madison Co., NC
Bobby Wood Yellow---Wilkes Co., NC
Boger---Rowan Co., NC
Bolick Seedling---Caldwell Co., NC
Boswell---Grayson Co., VA
Bradson---Greene Co., TN
Bramley Seedling---Grayson Co., VA
Branch---Wilkes Co., NC
Brandy (early)---Iredell Co., NC
Brandy (later)---Alexander Co., NC
Brandywine---Iredell Co., NC
Bridge---Wilkes Co., NC
Brimstone---Patrick Co., VA
Brooks (red blushed)---Iredell Co., NC
Brooks (yellow)---Jackson Co., NC
Brown---Grainger Co., TN
Brushy Mountain Limbertwig---Alwexander Co., NC
Bryson's Seedling---Jackson Co., NC
Buchanan---Wilkes Co., NC
Buckeye Beauty---Watauga Co., NC
Buckingham---Carroll Co., VA
Buff (striped)---Jackson Co., NC
Buffalo---Jackson Co., NC
Bug Horn---Carter Co., TN
Bull Face---Macon Co., NC
Bull Nose---Macon Co., NC
Bumblebee---Johnson Co., TN
Bumblebee Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Buncombe (red blushed)---Wilkes Co., NC
Buncombe (red striped)---White Co., TN
Buncombe (yellow)---White Co., TN
Burn Skin---Wilkes Co., NC
Burningtown Spice---Macon Co., NC
Bush Sweet---Hawkins Co., TN
Bushy Top (Handy Apple)---Patrick Co., VA
Butler---Macon Co., NC
Butter---Wilkes Co., NC
Butter Cup---Yancey Co., NC
Buttermilk (green)---Avery Co., NC
Buttermilk (red striped)---Watauga Co., NC

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Camack Sweet---Haywood Co., NC
Camper---Carroll Co., VA
Candy---Dickenson Co., VA
Candy Stripe---Jackson Co., NC
Candy Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Cane---Greene Co., TN
Caney Creek Sweet Limbertwig---Greene Co., TN
Canning (yellow)---Alexander Co., NC
Canning (yellow/red)---Carroll Co., VA
Cannon---Floyd Co., VA
Cannon Pearmain---Franklin Co., VA
Carolina Beauty---Alexander Co., NC
Carter County---Greene Co., TN
Carter's Blue---Rabun Co., GA
Carver---Hawkins Co., TN
Catawba---Carroll Co., VA
Catawba Beauty---Alexander Co., NC
Cat---Iredell Co., NC
Cathead---Wilkes Co., NC
Cathead Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Cauley---Leake Co., MS
Celo---Yancey Co., NC
Chatham Sweet---Alexander Co., NC
Cheese (lg., yellow, round)---Jackson Co., NC
Cheese (small, lt. yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Cheese (very lg., oblate, yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Cherry---Madison Co., NC
Chicago---Madison Co., NC
Chickasaw---Macon Co., NC
Chintz---Alexander Co., NC
Chocolate Coat---Macon Co., NC
Choke---Yancey Co., NC
Choking Sweet---Macon Co., NC
Church---Avery Co., NC
Cider Bud---Greenbrier Co., WV
Cider Sweet---Jackson Co., NC
Clark---Yancey Co., NC
Clarke's Pearmain---Wilkes Co., NC
Clay Hole---Jackson Co., NC
Clem Byrd---Wilkes Co., NC
Clominger---Wilkes Co., NC
Coffee---Madison Co., NC
Coffelt Beauty---Rabun Co., GA
Coffee Seedling---Rabun Co., GA
Coleman---Graham Co., NC
Colton---Alexander Co., NC
Commerce---Craig Co., VA
Cook Red---Pulaski Co., KY
Corn---Hawkins Co., TN
Coolin Winter---Yancey Co., NC
Cooper Red---Hancock Co., TN
Corder---Letcher Co., KY
Cothren---Wilkes Co., NC
Cotton---Wilkes Co., NC
Cotton Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Council---Ashe Co., NC
Courtland---Yancey Co., NC
Cove (red striped)---Jackson Co., NC
Cove (yellow)---Carroll Co., VA
Cow---Jackson Co., NC
Cow's Snout---Alleghany Co., NC
Crack---Alexander Co., NC
Crack Open (Winter Green)---Alleghany Co., NC
Cracky Back---Alleghany Co., NC
Crawford Seedling---Iredell Co., NC
Creasy Sweet---Jackson Co., NC
Critt---Carter Co., TN
Crouch---Iredell Co., NC
Crow Egg---Avery Co., NC
Crowder---Iredell Co., NC
Cullasaga---Macon Co., NC
Cunningham---Macon Co., NC
Curtis---Madison Co., NC
Curtis Cheese---Wilkes Co., NC
Custard---Alexander Co., NC

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Daddy (large, red bl.)---Wilkes Co., NC
Daddy (med., red st.)---Wilkes Co., NC
Daisy Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Dark Ridge Pound---Avery Co., NC
Darnell---Wilkes Co., NC
Dave---Jackson Co., NC
David's Winter---Forsyth Co., NC
Davidson Sweet---Carroll Co., VA
Davis (large)---Carter Co., TN
Davis (med., lt. yellow)---Avery Co., NC
Deacon Jones---Ashe Co., NC
Deep Eye (seedling)---Burke Co., NC
Democrat (red/green)---Yancey Co., NC
Democrat (red/yellow)---Yancey Co., NC
Detroit Red---Graham Co., NC
Dillard---Unicoi Co., TN
Dixie (seedling)---Wilkes Co., NC
Dixie Sweet---Carroll Co., VA
Doch---Wilkes Co., NC
Donce---Wilkes Co., NC
Donnelly Sweet---Johnson Co., TN
Doss Blushing June---Wilkes Co., NC
Double Red Winesap---Alexander Co., NC
Downs---Cleveland Co., NC
Dry Buff---Jackson Co., NC
Dry Creek Pippin (seedling)---Graham Co., NC
Ducky (Duckbill Pearmain?)---Madison Co., NC
Duke---Haywood Co., NC
Dula Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Dumplin (lg., green, ribbed)---Franklin Co., VA
Dumplin (med-lg., lt. yellow)---Iredell Co., NC
Duncan---Yancey Co., NC
Durham---Wilkes Co., NC
Dutch---Yancey Co., NC

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Early Courtland---Macon Co., NC
Early Harvest (very lg., lt. yellow)---Cleveland Co., NC
Early Harvest---Wilkes Co., NC
Early June (lg., red blushed)---Wilkes Co., NC
Early June (med., green/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Early June (white, red striped)---Watauga Co., NC
Early Pickens---Wilkes Co., NC
Early Pound---Avery Co., NC
Early Raspberry---Avery Co., NC
Early Ripe (med., red bl.)---Macon Co., NC
Early Ripe (med., yellow)---Madison Co., NC
Early Spy---Forsyth Co., NC
Early Sweet June---Wilkes Co., NC
Early Summer---Washington Co., VA
Early Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Early Transparent---Wilkes Co., NC
Edney June---Buncombe Co., NC
Early Melon---Macon Co., NC
English Russet---Wilkes Co., NC
Equinetelee---Union Co., GA
Ernest Blair Well Apple---Letcher Co., KY
Esta's All Purpose---Fayette Co., WV
Evans' Care Free (seedling)---Macon Co., NC
Evans Pippin---Russell Co., NC
Everhart---Wilkes Co., NC

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Faggert---Mecklenburg Co., VA
Fall---Wilkes Co., NC
Fall Astor---Buchanan Co., VA
Fall Beauty---Greenbrier Co., WV
Fall Delicious---Avery Co., NC
Fall Limbertwig---Burke Co., NC
Fall Orange---Madison Co., NC
Fall Pippin---Haywood Co., NC
Fall Premium---Avery Co., NC
Fall Queen---Avery Co., NC
Fall Rose---Wilkes Co., NC
Fall Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Fall Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Fallawater---Avery Co., NC
Father Abraham---Wilkes Co., NC
Ferguson---Alamance Co., NC
Fernina Pippin---Wilkes Co., NC
Finn---Patrick Co., VA
Fired---Letcher Co., KY
Fired Sweet---Madison Co., NC
Flanagan---Alleghany Co., NC
Flat---Alleghany Co., NC
Flat Limbertwig---Swain Co., NC
Flat Top---Wilkes Co., NC
Fleming---Alexander Co., NC
Foley Pippin---Patrick Co., VA
Forest Streaked---Jackson Co., NC
Forward (sweet)---Wilkes Co., NC
Forward Sour---Rabun Co., GA
Forward Streak---Wilkes Co., NC
Foster---Bedford Co., VA
Fred Woods Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
French---Boone Co., WV
Frog---Wilkes Co., NC
Frost Proof---Macon Co., NC
Fugate---Greene Co., TN

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Garden---Alexander Co., NC
Garden Green---Yancey Co., NC
Gentry Stripe---Johnson Co., TN
Gibson---Wilkes Co., NC
Gladstone---Jackson, Co., NC
Gloria---Tazewell Co., VA
Glori Mundi---Yancey Co., NC
Goat---Sullivan Co., TN
Goddard---Fleming Co., KY
Golden Harvest---Wilkes Co., NC
Golden Pippin---Avery Co., NC
Golden Sweet---Surry Co., NC
Golden Twig---Wilkes Co., NC
Golden Winter---Transylvania Co., NC
Gold---Yadkin Co., NC
Goodland---Iredell Co., NC
Goose Pasture---Wilkes Co., NC
Gragg---Ashe Co., NC
Grand Mammy Sweet---Haywood Co., NC
Grand Pap---Alleghany Co., NC
Grandmother Cheese---Haywood Co., NC
Granny (very lg., greenish yellow)---Alexander Co., NC
Granny (very lg., yellow/red)---Yancey Co., NC
Granny Barnes---Alexander Co., NC
Granny Christian---Franklin Co., VA
Granny Rogers---Jackson Co., NC
Granny Sweet---Lee Co., VA
Grave---Wilkes Co., NC
Greasy---Wilkes Co., NC
Greasy Ball---Sullivan Co., TN
Greasy Skin---Wilkes Co., NC
Green Bellflower---Yancey Co., NC
Green Hill---Ashe Co., NC
Green Horse (large)---Burke Co., NC
Green Horse (med)---Forsyth Co., NC
Green June---Graham Co., NC
Green Limbertwig (light green)---Jackson Co., NC
Green Limbertwig (yellow, slight red)---Avery Co., NC
Green Mountain---Transylvania Co., NC
Green Pearmain---Wilkes Co., NC
Green Pippin---Haywood Co., NC
Green Russet---Alexander Co., NC
Green Skin Pippin---Patrick Co., VA
Green Skin---Avery Co., NC
Green Skin Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Green Spitzenburg---Yancey Co., NC
Green Sweet (med., bright green)---Wilkes Co., NC
Green Sweet (med., dull green)---Avery Co., NC
Green Witch---Jackson Co., NC
Green Wolf River---Letcher Co., KY
Grickson---Wilkes Co., NC
Grimes Golden---Alamance Co., NC
Grimsley Gold---Carroll Co., VA
Grindstone---Avery Co., NC
Gruff---Iredell Co., NC
Gully---Vance Co., NC

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Hacker---Leslie Co., KY
Hackworth---Bledsoe Co., TN
Half Acre---Wilkes Co., NC
Hall---Alexander Co., NC
Halls---Rockingham Co., NC
Hall Stripe---Cocke Co., TN
Hard Times---Macon Co., NC
Harding---Yancey Co., NC
Hardison's July---Hamilton Co., TN
Hargrove (?)---Haywood Co., NC
Harper's Seedling---Wilkes Co., NC
Harris---Jackson Co., NC
Harvest---Iredell Co., NC
Hass---Washington Co., VA
Hayes Green---Graham Co., NC
Hawaii---Patrick Co., VA
Hawkeye---Wilkes Co., NC
Haycock (Cock)---Yadkin Co., NC
Haynes Big Red---Letcher Co., KY
Haywood June---Haywood Co., NC
Heddin Sweet---Macon Co., NC
Heidi Sweet---Jackson Co., NC
Hen House---Russell Co., VA
Henry---Watauga Co., NC
Henry Clay---Lee Co., VA
High Top---Wilkes Co., NC
Hightop Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Hillside---Wilkes Co., NC
Hincher Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Hog (oblate, yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Hog (oblong, yellow)---Ashe Co., NC
Hog Pen---Wilkes Co., NC
Hog Sweet---Jackson Co., NC
Hollow Log---Alexander Co., NC
Honeycomb Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Hoover---Haywood Co., NC
Horse (elongated, yellow)---Russell Co., VA
Horse (large, yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Horse (med., yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Horse (med., yellow/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Horton---Yancey Co., NC
Horsehead---Russell Co., VA
Horseshoe---Wilkes Co., NC
Houch---Wilkes Co., NC
House---Wilkes Co., NC
Howard---Graham Co., NC
Huckleberry---Jackson Co., NC
Hundred Dollar---Haywood Co., NC

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Ice---Wilkes Co., NC
Improved Bevan---Alamance Co., NC
Improved Early Harvest---Wilkes Co., NC
Improved Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Improved Winter John---Madison Co., NC
Ingram---Mitchell Co., NC
Iron Black---Jackson Co., NC
Iron Wedge---Haywood Co., NC

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Jack (lg., blushed, fall)---Johnson Co., TN
Jack (lg., blushed, summer)---Forsyth Co., NC
Jack (med., red striped)---Wilkes Co., NC
James Ray Sweet---Unicoi Co., TN
Jarrett (Jarrett Spice)---Johnson County, TN
Jarrett (summer)---Rockingham Co., NC
Jeff Cox---Alleghany Co., NC
Jelly---Grayson Co., VA
Jelly Heart---Alexander Co., NC
Jellyflower Sour---Haywood Co., NC
Jellyflower Sweet---Haywood Co., NC
Jenny Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Jewel Smoker---Wilkes Co., NC
Jim Goins---Patrick Co., VA
Jimbo---Avery Co., NC
John Apple---Surry Co., NC
John Conner---Wilkes Co., NC
John Hill---Ashe Co., NC
Johnalee---Grayson Co., VA
Johnny (Johnny Clark)---Washington Co., TN
Johnny No Core---Ashe Co., NC
Johnny White---Rowan Co., NC
John Tommy---Washington Co., VA
Johnson Keeper---Wilkes Co., NC
Johnson's Fine Winter---Carroll Co., NC
Jonah---Wilkes Co., NC
Jonathan---Unicoi Co., TN
Joshaway---Grainger Co., TN
Juicy---Madison Co., NC
Juicy Fruit---Carter Co., TN
Juicy Queen---Avery Co., NC
Juicy Sweet---Macon Co., NC
July---Iredell Co., NC
July Cluster---Catawba Co., NC
July Stripe (lg., August)---Wilkes Co., NC
July Stripe (med., July)---Iredell Co., NC
Jumbo---Avery Co., NC
Jumbo Winesap---Scott Co., VA
Junaluska---Macon Co., NC
June Harvest—Wilkes Co., NC
June Pink---Forsyth Co., NC
June Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC

June Stripie---Wilkes Co., NC

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Kaighn---Carter Co., TN
Kane---Yadkin Co., NC
Kansas Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Karn---Wilkes Co., NC
Keener Seedling---Rabun Co., GA
Kennedy---Jackson Co., NC
Kentucky Limbertwig---Greene Co., TN
Kerry Pippin---Iredell Co., NC
King David---Craig Co., VA
King Lucious---Avery Co., NC
Kinnard's Choice---Letcher Co., KY
Kitchen---Wilkes Co., NC
Knob---Wilkes Co., NC
Kodak---Letcher Co., KY
Koger---Watauga Co., NC

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Lackey---Alexander Co., NC
Lacy---Alexander Co., NC
Ladies' Blush---Alleghany Co., NC
Ladonium---Wilkes Co., NC
Lady---Yancey Co., NC
Lady Finger---Carroll Co., VA
Lady Skin---Haywood Co., NC
Lady Washington---Yancey Co., NC
Lady Watermelon---Avery Co., NC
Lady Williams---Stokes Co., NC
Lansingburg---Yancey Co., NC
Larkin Sweet---Carter Co., TN
Larry---Grayson Co., VA
Late Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Lawson Seedling---Iredell Co., NC
Lazarus (Canning)---Wilkes Co., NC
Leather Britches---Buncombe Co., NC
Leather Coat (green/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Leather Coat (yellow)---Macon Co., NC
Leather Jacket---Tazewell Co., VA
Leatherman---Avery Co., NC
Leiby---Iredell Co., NC
Lewis Green---Avery Co., NC
Liddy---Alexander Co., NC
Lime---Alexander Co., NC
Link---Wilkes Co., NC
Linkard---Cleveland Co., NC
Lissie---Grayson Co., VA
Little Brushy Spice---Wilkes Co., NC
Little Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Liveland Raspberry---Carter Co., TN
Lock---Bell Co., KY
Lodi---Jackson Co., NC
London Lady---Macon Co., NC
Long Stem---Yadkin Co., NC
Lute's Great Keeper---Alexander Co., NC
Late Sweet (Church's Late Sweet?)---Haywood Co., NC
Lucas---Wilkes Co., NC

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Ma Deli Winesap---Scott Co., VA
Madison Mammoth---Madison Co., NC
Maggard---Scott Co., VA
Magnum Bonum---Alexander Co., NC
Maiden's Blush---Smyth Co., VA
Maloxs---Casey Co., KY
Mammoth Horse---Grayson Co., VA
Mammoth Pippin---Craig Co., VA
Mammy---Wilkes Co., NC
Manson Beauty---Macon Co., NC
March Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Martin Sweet---Avery Co., NC
Maryland---Forsyth Co., NC
Mattamuskeet---Warren Co., NC
Mausby's Fine Winter---Wilkes Co., NC
May---Wilkes Co., NC
Mayflower---Iredell Co., NC
Mayloxs---Pendleton Co., KY
McCullers' Winter---Wilkes Co., NC
McClure---Iredell Co., NC
McIntosh---Yancey Co., NC
McKaskey---Iredell Co., NC
McLein---Iredell Co., NC
Mealy Sweet---Carter Co., TN
Melungeon Gold---Lee Co., VA
Merritt---Stokes Co., NC
Milam---Wilkes Co., NC
Miller---Iredell Co., NC
Miller Sour---Swain Co., NC
Missouri Pippin---Yancey Co., NC
Mitchell Sweet---Alexander Co., NC
Mollie---Wilkes Co., NC
Mongolian---Carroll Co., VA
Morgan (Granny Morgan)---Macon Co., NC
Morgan (med. oblate, sour)---Macon Co., NC
Morgan (large, light yellow)---Hawkins Co., TN
Morgan (lg., red, sl. oblate)---Washington Co., VA
Morgan's Christmas---Wilkes Co., NC
Morris Pippin---Sullivan Co., TN
Mosby's Best (Lowery)---Craig Co., VA
Mosey---Iredell Co., NC
Mother---Grayson Co., VA
Motherbud---Avery Co., NC
Morton Sweet---Yancey Co., NC
Mountain (lg., yellow some red)---Russell Co., VA
Mountain (med., red striped)---Macon Co., NC
Mountain Belle---Tazewell Co., VA
Mountain Boomer---Mitchell Co., NC
Mountain Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Mountain Pride---Patrick Co., VA
Mountain Sprout---Graham Co., NC
Mountain Winesap---Ashe Co., NC
Mule Face---Alleghany Co., NC
Mullins-Ferguson---Wise Co., VA
Musk---Hawkins Co., TN
Muskmelon Sweet---Haywood Co., NC


Nantz---Wilkes Co., NC
New York World---Wilkes Co., NC
Newtown Pippin---Craig Co., VA
Nickajack---Carter Co., TN
Night Dropper---Iredell Co., NC
Nim---Wilkes Co., NC
No Bloom---Wilkes Co., NC
None Better Seek No Further---Grainger Co., TN
Nonsuch (oblate, green with red)---Macon Co., NC
Nonsuch (medium, green)---Craig Co., VA
North Carolina Keeper (med., oblate, green & red)---Forsyth Co., NC
North Carolina Keeper (lg., round, red st.)---Surry Co., NC
North Carolina Keeper (med., st., conical)---Wilkes Co., NC
Northern Bellflower---Madison Co., NC
Northern June---Henderson Co., NC
Northern Spy---Carroll Co., VA
Notley Pea---Mitchell Co., NC
Nursery---Ashe Co., NC

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Oat---Wilkes Co., NC
Oats---Iredell Co., NC
October---Alexander Co., NC
Ode---Wilkes Co., NC
Ohio Sweet---Smyth Co., VA
Old Fashion Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Old Fashion Red Delicious---Macon Co., NC
Old Fashion Yellow Delicious---Macon Co., NC
Old Field (yellow)---Iredell Co., NC
Old Man---Washington Co., VA
Old Timey Pippin---Carter Co., TN
Oliver---Iredell Co., NC
One Sided---Yancey Co., NC
Orchard---Forsyth Co., NC
Ozark Pippin---Carter Co., TN

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Palmer---Patrick Co., VA
Pa Pa Ray (seedling)---Buchanan Co., KY
Paradise Sweet---Russell Co., VA
Paragon---Alleghany Co., NC
Patrick Red---Wilkes Co., NC
Paul---Alexander Co., NC
Paw---Alexander Co., NC
Pawpaw Sweet---Swain Co., NC
Payne (green)---Wilkes Co., NC
Payne (red striped)---Wilkes Co., NC
Payne-Robinson---Alexander Co., NC
Pear (apple)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pear Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Pearmain (orange)---Surry Co., NC
Peek---Macon Co., NC
Perkins---Iredell Co., NC
Phillips---Yancey Co., NC
Pig Nose---Grainger Co., TN
Pike---Wilkes Co., NC
Pineapple---Carter Co., NC
Pink Stripe---Macon Co., NC
Pinkerton---Wilkes Co., NC
Pippin (med, oblate, green)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pippin (round, red/yellow)---Russell Co., VA
Pippin (small, grn.-yel., round)---Letcher Co., KY
Pitney---Letcher Co., KY
Pittsburg---Madison Co., NC
Plum (large, oblate, purple/red)---Madison Co., NC
Plum (med., red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Plymouth---Yancey Co., NC
Pokeberry Red---Wilkes Co., NC
Pokey Seedling---Ashe Co., NC
Polk Seedling---Alexander Co., NC
Polly---Letcher Co., KY
Polly Sweet---Haywood Co., NC
Poplar---Lee Co., VA
Possum---Madison Co., NC
Pound (large, red/green, late summer)---Alamance Co., NC
Pound (large, yellow/ red blushed)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pound (very large, oblate green/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pound (very large, yellow)---Carter Co., TN
Pound Pippin (yellow, late summer)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pound Pippin (yellow, mid fall)---Smyth Co., VA
Pound Royal---Floyd Co., KY
Pound Russet---Macon Co., NC
Powder Spring June---Alexander Co., NC
Preacher---Buncombe Co., NC
Primie---Scott Co., VA
Prissy Gum---Hawkins Co., TN
Puff---Wilkes Co., NC
Pumpkin (large)---Alleghany Co., NC
Pumpkin (med)---Wilkes Co., NC
Pumpkin Sweet (lg. yellow)---Nicholas Co., WV
Pumpkin Sweet (med., russet)---Wilkes Co., NC

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Queen (lg., red striped)---Wilkes Co., NC
Queen (med., red striped)---Wilkes Co., NC
Queen Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Queen of the Orchard---Letcher Co., KY
Queen of the South---Watauga Co., NC
Queen Pippin---Alexander Co., NC
Quince---Wilkes Co., NC
Quincy---Alexander Co., NC

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Rabbit---Watauga Co., NC
Rabbit Sweet---Madison Co., NC
Radical---Macon Co., NC
Railroad---Macon Co., NC
Rainbow---Tazewell Co., VA
Raleigh---Wise Co., VA
Ralph---Tazewell Co., VA
Rattle Core---Alexander Co., NC
Ray---Avery Co., NC
Reasor Green---Wise Co., NC
Red Astor---Alexander Co., NC
Red Astrachan---Macon Co., NC
Red Bird (summer)---Surry Co., NC
Red Bird (winter)---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Balsam---Ashe Co., NC
Red Buckingham---Stokes Co., NC
Red Buff---Yancey Co., NC
Red Cheese---Madison Co., NC
Red Clayton---Macon Co., NC
Red Coat---Franklin Co., VA
Red Harvest---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Hill---Letcher Co., KY
Red Horse (Gibson?)---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Horse (very flat)---Cleveland Co., NC
Red Horse (very large, oblate)---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Jordan---Ashe Co., NC
Red June (conical)---Wilkes Co., NC
Red June (round)---Rabun Co., GA
Red June (round, red stripes in flesh)---Alleghany Co., NC
Red June (slightly oblong)---Jackson Co., NC
Red Kane---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Limbertwig (med., sl. oblate, red & green)---Alexander Co., NC
Red Limbertwig (med., round, solid red)---Macon Co., NC
Red May (ripe June)---Iredell Co., NC
Red May (ripe September)---Hawkins Co., TN
Red Morella---Carroll Co., VA
Red Notley Pea---Yancey Co., NC
Red Pippin (large, oblate, red striped)---Greene Co., TN
Red Pippin (large, red st., slightly conical)---Ashe Co., NC
Red Pippin (med., red striped)---Graham Co., NC
Red Pippin (Swadley)---Avery Co., NC
Red Pearmain---Yancey Co., NC
Red Pound (very large, red/purple)---Macon Co., NC
Red Pound (large, red blushed)---Yancey Co., NC
Red Poston---Casey Co., KY
Red Potts---Iredell Co., NC
Red Queen---Iredell Co., NC
Red Rambo---Carter Co., TN
Red Royal Limbertwig---Graham Co., NC
Red Rusty---Grayson Co., VA
Red Spice---Madison Co., NC
Red Streak---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Sweet (lg., oblate)---Macon Co., NC
Red Sweet (med., round)---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Sweet June---Yancey Co., NC
Red Torque---Wilkes Co., NC
Red Transparent---Knott Co., KY
Red Wine (seedling)---Watauga Co., NC
Red Winesap---Haywood Co., NC
Red Winter Sweet (lg., rusty red)---Hancock Co., TN
Red Winter Sweet (med., green/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Reed---Wilkes Co., NC
Republican---Ashe Co., NC
Ridge Pippin---Russell Co., VA
Ring Jaw---Putnam Co., TN
Rhode Island Greening---Craig Co., VA
Rhudy Sweet---Tazewell Co., VA
Roberts---Wilkes Co., NC
Robinson---Haywood Co., NC
Rock (Brick)---Carroll Co., VA
Rockingham Red---Rockingham Co., NC
Roman Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Romanite---Watauga Co., NC
Rusty Back---Russell Co., VA
Royal Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Rose (Roe) Sweet---Grayson Co., NC
Rose Limbertwig---Avery Co., NC
Royal Lemon---Rabun Co., NC
Royal Pearmain---Macon Co., NC
Rubez---Carter Co., TN
Rubin Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Ruby Red---Macon Co., NC
Ruby Red Limbertwig---Greene Co., TN
Ruslin---Rockingham Co., NC
Rustic---Yancey Co., NC
Rusty Coat (lg., yellow/red)---Wilkes Co., NC
Rusty Coat (med., yellow)---Madison Co., NC
Rusty Coat Limbertwig---Alleghany Co., NC
Rusty Coat Sour---Wilkes Co., NC
Rusty Coat Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Rusty Gabe---Bell Co., KY
Rusty Gabe---Cumberland Co., KY
Rusty Golden---McDowell Co., NC
Rusty Pippin---Wilkes Co., NC
Rusty Sweet (small, flat, yellow)---Haywood Co., NC
Rusty Sweet (very large)---Haywood Co., NC
Rusty Sweetning---Yancey Co., NC
Ruusin Ball---Yancey Co., NC

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Sal---Watauga Co., NC
Sally (red/green)---Surry Co., NC
Sally (yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Sally Crocket---Tazewell Co., VA
Sam Apple---Letcher Co., KY
Sam Steele---Hawkins Co., TN
Sam Whitson---Mitchell Co., NC
Sandow---Washington Co., VA
Scott---Wilkes Co., NC
Sealy---Forsyth Co., NC
Seedin Simpson---Grayson Co., VA
Seedling Horse---Macon Co., NC
Seedling Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
Seek No Further---Wise Co., VA
Senator---Carter Co., TN
Shannon---Smyth Co., VA
Sharpshin---Forsyth Co., NC
Sheep---Wilkes Co., NC
Sheepnose (lg., red striped, conical)---Yancey Co., NC
Sheepnose (lg., red, oval cross-section, tapered)---Macon Co., NC
Sheepnose (med., green, conical)---Graham Co., NC
Sheepnose (med., red, slightly conical)---Wilkes Co., NC
Sheepnose (med., red, very conical)---Mitchell Co., NC
Sheepnose (med., yellow, conical)---Jackson Co., NC
Sheepnose (striped)---Yancey Co., NC
Sheepnose Bellflower---Macon Co., NC
Sheepnose Sweet (lg., very conical)---Alexander Co., NC
Sheepnose Sweet (med., often conical)---Wilkes Co., NC
Shenandoah---Henry Co., VA
Sherrill---Catawba Co., NC
Shining Pippin---Yancey Co., NC
Shock---Alexander Co., NC
Shocklet---Buchanan Co., VA
Short Core---Grayson Co., VA
Shuler---Haywood Co., NC
Sidelin---Macon Co., NC
Sine Qua Non---Grayson Co., VA
Sink Hole---Scott Co., VA
Slick Green---Grayson Co., VA
Slope---Wilkes Co., NC
Smith's Cider---Haywood Co., NC
Smith's Seedling---Stokes Co., NC
Smokehouse (red & green)---Floyd Co., VA
Smokehouse (white)---Grayson Co., VA
Smokey Mountain Limbertwig---Greene Co., TN
Smokey Twig---Warren Co., TN
Smutty---Graham Co., NC
Snow---Alleghany Co., NC
Snuff---Yancey Co., NC
Soda---Yancey Co., NC
Sol---Wilkes Co., NC
Sookie---Scott Co., VA
Sour Buff---Madison Co., NC
Sour June---Wilkes Co., NC
Sour Russet---Madison Co., NC
Sour Jon (fall)---Macon Co., NC
Sour Jon (summer)---Jefferson Co., TN
Sour Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
South Garden---Franklin Co., VA
Spake---Scott Co., VA
Sparger---Carroll Co., VA
Spartan---Surry Co., NC
Speckled Gem---Yancey Co., NC
Speckled Red---Wilkes Co., NC
Spice (lg., yellow)---Buncombe Co., NC
Spice (med., red/yellow)---Hancock Co., TN
Spice (med., yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Spice (small to med., yellow)---Rockingham Co., NC
Spice (small, dull yellow)---Ashe Co., NC
Spice of Old Virginia---Buncombe Co., NC
Spice Sweetning---Alexander Co., NC
Spotted Pippin---Mitchell Co., NC
Springdale---Wilkes Co., NC
Squash---Iredell Co., NC
Striped Virginia Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Stable---Wilkes Co., NC
Stark's Jumbo---Alleghany Co., NC
Stella Pippin---Tazewell Co., VA
Stine (McAfee)---Haywood Co., NC
Strawberry (med, oblate, red blush)---Johnson Co., TN
Strawberry (late)---Casey Co., KY
Strawberry Rome---Wilkes Co., NC
Stayman Winesap---Yancey Co., NC
Streaked June---Wilkes Co., NC
Streaked Sweetning---Wilkes Co., NC
Stripe---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped Ben Davis---Madison Co., NC
Striped Delicious---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped Early Harvest---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped Horse---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped June (med., red/bright yellow)---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped June (med., red/whitish yellow)---Madison Co., NC
Striped Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped Rome---Ashe Co., NC
Striped Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
Striped Tender Pippin---Unicoi Co., TN
Striped Transparent---Watauga Co., NC
Stark's Jumbo---Alleghany Co., NC
Striped Virginia Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Stripes---Wilkes Co., NC
Strougen---Russell Co., VA
Stuart's Golden---Wilkes Co., NC
Stump The World---Carter Co., TN
Stump---Wilkes Co., NC
Sugar (med., yellow, early fall)---Carroll Co., VA
Sugar (med., yellow, late fall)---Buncombe Co., NC
Sugar Ball---Wilkes Co., NC
Sugar Core---Grayson Co., VA
Sugar Loaf Pippin---Mitchell Co., NC
Summer Bellflower---Yancey Co., NC
Summer Buckingham---Grayson Co., VA
Summer Buff---Haywood Co., NC
Summer Champion---Wilkes Co., NC
Summer Cheese---Wilkes Co., NC
Summer Delight---Letcher Co., KY
Summer Horse---Letcher Co., KY
Summer Ladyfinger---Yancey Co., NC
Summer Limbertwig---Madison Co., GA
Summer Orange---Madison Co., NC
Summer Pink---Yadkin Co., NC
Summer Premium---Avery Co., NC
Summer Queen (medium)---Alexander Co., NC
Summer Rambo---Carroll Co., VA
Summer Row---Rabun Co., GA
Summer Strawberry---Carter Co., TN
Summer Sweet---Tazewell Co., VA
Summer Treat---Letcher Co., KY
Summer Winesap---Ashe Co., NC
Sunday Sweet---Avery Co., NC
Sweeny---Wilkes Co., NC
Sweet Abram---Iredell Co., NC
Sweet Bausel---Grayson Co., VA
Sweet Bough---Ashe Co., NC
Sweet Buff---Madison Co., NC
Sweet Dixon---Ashe Co., NC
Sweet Graft---Letcher Co., KY
Sweet Horse---Wilkes Co., NC
Sweet Limbertwig---Greene Co., TN
Sweet Neverfail---Avery Co., NC
Sweet Potato---Alleghany Co., NC
Sweet Pound---Wilkes Co., NC
Sweet Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Sweet Red June---Yancey Co., NC
Swinging Limb---Smyth Co., VA

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Tackett---Cherokee Co., NC
Tall Top---Russell Co., VA
Taylor---Henderson Co., NC
Ten Ounce---Alexander Co., NC
Tenderskin (med., red/lt. yellow)---Alexander Co., NC
Tenderskin (med., white)---Wilkes Co., NC
Tennessee Beauty---Iredell Co., NC
Tennessee Greening---Madison Co., NC
Thinskin---Letcher Co., KY
Thinskin Flat---Macon Co., NC
Tiger Spice---Buncombe Co., NC
Thorn---Macon Co., NC
Tobacco Sweet---Macon Co., NC
Tom---Alleghany Co., NC
Tommy---Davidson Co., NC
Tompkins King---Craig Co., VA
Tony---Rowan Co., NC
Tough Hide---Wilkes Co., NC
Transcendent Crab---Wilkes Co., NC
Trout---Cherokee Co., NC
Troy---Avery Co., NC
Tucker's Everbearing---Patrick Co., VA
Turley Winesap---Alexander Co., NC
Twenty Ounce Pippin---Mitchell Co., NC
Twenty-Two Ounce---Carroll Co., VA
Two-Tone---Grayson Co., VA
Tyman Red---Surry Co., NC

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Uncle Sam---Haywood Co., NC
Uncle Tom Smith---Haywood Co., NC
Upton---Swain Co., NC

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Vagabond---Grayson Co., VA
Vance Delicious---Franklin Co., VA
Vandever June (Crawford)---Iredell Co., NC
Vandever June (Kessler)---Iredell Co., NC
Vanhoy---Wilkes Co., NC
Vanilla Pippin---Carroll Co., VA
Victory Sweet---Graham Co., NC
Vine---Patrick Co., VA
Virginia Beauty---Yancey Co., NC
Virginia-Ben Davis---Carter Co., TN
Vonn Sweet---Carroll Co., VA

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Wagener---Bledsoe Co., TN
Wayte Stanley---Tazewell Co., VA
Walker's Favorite---Yancey Co., NC
Wallace Sweet---Craig Co., VA
Ward---Columbus Co., NC
Water---Watauga Co., NC
Water Core (green)---Madison Co., NC
Water Core (red)---Johnson Co., TN
Water Luscious---Catawba Co., NC
Water Spout---Iredell Co., NC
Water Sweet---Nicholas Co., WV
Watermelon---Haywood Co., NC
Waterous---Wilkes Co., NC
Watts Limbertwig---Iredell Co., NC
Wax---Jackson Co., NC
Wealthy---Wilkes Co., NC
Wellington---Jackson Co., NC
West---Macon Co., NC
White---Yancey Co., NC
White Bellflower---Yancey Co., NC
White Buckingham---Wilkes Co., NC
White Crow Egg---Madison Co., NC
White Fall Pippin---Haywood Co., NC
White Hall---Bledsoe Co., TN
White Harvest---Rowan Co., NC
White Horse---Iredell Co., NC
White June---Alexander Co., NC
White Limbertwig---Wilkes Co., NC
White Pipka---Wilkes Co., NC
White Pound---Haywood Co., NC
White Rome---Pike Co., KY
White Russian---Henderson Co., NC
White Sheepnose---Haywood Co., NC
White Sweet---Wilkes Co., NC
White Top---Wilkes Co., NC
White Winter Jon---Haywood Co., NC
White York---Grayson Co., VA
Whopper Jaw---Cherokee Co., NC
Will---Wilkes Co., NC
Williams Red---Yancey Co., NC
Williamston---Haywood Co., NC
Willow Twig---Marshall Co., WV
Wilson's Red June---Wilkes Co., NC
Winding Stairs Thinskin---Macon Co., NC
Wine---Grayson Co., VA
Winter---Greenbrier Co., WV
Winter Banana---Mitchell Co., NC
Winter Crow Egg---Yancey Co., NC
Winter Fleming---Yadkin Co., NC
Winter Green (Poorhouse)---Yancey Co., NC
Winter Green (spicy)---Wilkes Co., NC
Winter Horse---Avery Co., NC
Winter John (Old Fashioned)---Haywood Co., NC
Winter John (white/red)---Haywood Co., NC
Winter May---Iredell Co., NC
Winter Neverfail---Wilkes Co., NC
Winter Pear (apple)---Avery Co., NC
Winter Queen (med. lg., sl. conical, red/yellow)---Macon Co., NC
Winter Queen (lg, sl. oblate, red/green)---Mitchell Co., NC
Winter Spice---Wilkes Co., NC
Winter Sheepnose---Washington Co., VA
Winter Sweet (med., green)---Wilkes Co., NC
Winter Sweet (med., green/red)---Haywood Co., NC
Winter Sweet Russet---Yancey Co., NC
Winter Vandever---Watauga Co., NC
Wolf River (large)---Watauga Co., NC
Wolf River (very large)---Macon Co., NC
Wolf River Buff---Carroll Co., VA
Woody---Wilkes Co., NC
World's Best---Graham Co., NC
World's Wonder---Watauga Co., NC
Winter Pearmain---Iredell Co., NC

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Yankee Sweet---Haywood Co., NC
Yates---Jackson Co., NC
Yellow Annett---Tazewell Co., VA
Yellow Bank---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Beauty---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Bellflower---Yancey Co., NC
Yellow Buff (Joe Buff)---Macon Co., NC
Yellow Flat---Haywood Co., NC
Yellow Hard---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Hardin---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow June (slightly sour)---Forsyth Co., NC
Yellow June (very sour)---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Limbertwig---Madison Co., NC
Yellow Meat---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Milliers---Jackson Co., NC
Yellow Pippin (lg. to very lg.)---Carter Co., TN
Yellow Pippin (med)---Alexander Co., NC
Yellow Potts---Iredell Co., NC
Yellow Queen---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Spitzenburg---Yancey Co., NC
Yellow Sweet (med.)---Avery Co., NC
Yellow Sweet June---Wilkes Co., NC
Yellow Transparent---Yancey Co., NC
Yellow Winesap---Smyth Co., VA
York---Haywood Co., NC
York Pippin---Wilkes Co., NC
Yorkshire---Wilkes Co., NC

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Zell---Yancey Co., NC
Zill---Jackson Co., NC

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