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Dear Heritage Apple Enthusiast:
I greatly appreciate your interest. I am receiving hundreds of emails per day (450) due to a new January 1st social media posting, making it impossible to reply to you individually.
To make things easier on both of us, please review the FAQ below, hopefully this will answer your questions.

I am a one-person operation and I look forward to each day to see what new adventures unfold as I continue the search for rare heritage apples.
A November social media posting created a flood of apple inquiries (165) which exceeded my apple tree supply.
Please re-contact me in the late spring or early summer to request apple tree purchase for Fall 2020.

Frequent Questions Answered Below:
  • Do you ship trees? Yes, but not internationally.
  • How do I order trees? Contact me in late spring or early summer and tell me how many trees are needed and type, plus your address and I can send you a quote.
  • Will apple trees grow well in my area? Consult your local agricultural extension agent to get their advice.
  • Do you sell apple scion wood? No, I do not sell scion wood (cuttings from apple trees).
  • I know of a rare apple tree. Please contact me in about a month when I am not so overwhelmed with emails.
  • Can you identify my apple? On my web site, please visit the How to identify unknown apples page

Happy New Year, Tom Brown


Tom Brown
7335 Bullard Road
Clemmons, NC 27012

Phone: (336)766-5842


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