Tom Brown | Clemmons, NC | (336) 766-5842

Annual Apple Search Newsletters

Tom and his wife, Merrikay

Tom is showing his wife, Merrikay, a Gloria Mundi apple. 
On the table left to right are Winter Sweet Russet, Green Bellflower, White Vandever, Big Horse, Black Beauty, White Bellflower, and Deep Eye.

2018 Newsletter Full Version, 12 pages     2018 Newsletter Condensed Version, 4 pages

This year I would like to share my interviews of four older apple growers from the Brushy Mountains area of Wilkes and Alexander Counties, NC.
They were all helpful to my apple search. You will enjoy learning of their interesting life stories, hard work, and the wisdom shared with me.


These newsletters tell of the apples Tom found during the year as well as interesting stories about the apple search.

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