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Apple Trees for Sale

Apple Trees Typically for Sale

Dear Heritage Apple Enthusiast:
I greatly appreciate your interest. Listed below are some of the apple trees which are typically available. Apple trees cost $20 each, except they are only $15 when Tom selects 50% or more of the varieties; a practice which allows me to get a greater number of apple varieties into circulation, assuring their preservation for years to come.

Over the last Four years I have received over 7,000 new inquiries, with most of them requesting heritage apple trees. This increased interest in the apple trees I have discovered is greatly appreciated.
For 2024 there will be a temporary change in direction, I will take the year off from selling apple trees (no tree sales this year).
I regret the disruption this might cause for people who contacted me multiple years requesting apple trees;
I fully intend to be selling apple trees again in 2025. The past four years have resulted in my receiving five times the number of requests than I can possibly supply.
My exclusive effort during that time has been trying to get as many apple trees to people as possible but this has come at the cost of other important things having to be neglected---important family projects and additional apple restoration efforts.
I am age 82 and I do not need to delay these things indefinitely. Last year I grafted a smaller number of apple trees to give myself a little extra time, but new things intervened and insufficient effort was made toward getting these important long-delayed things done.

You are still welcome to contact me to describe what apple trees you might want in the future.

Tom Brown
Phone: (336) 766-5842
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address:
7335 Bullard Road
Clemmons, NC 27012

You can help the heritage apple search and preservation effort by purchasing some of Tom Brown's apple trees in a future year. In purchasing some of these great heritage trees, you will be establishing a "mini preservation orchard" at your home and the proceeds of any sales will help fund Tom's effort to find additional lost apple varieties.

Frequent Questions Answered Below:
  • Do you ship trees? Yes, but not internationally.
  • How do I order trees? By email, tell me how many apple trees you need, listing varieties or apple characteristics desired, plus your address (city & state) and I can send you a quote.
  • Will apple trees grow well in my area? Consult your local agricultural extension agent to get their advice.
  • Do you sell apple scion wood? No, I do not sell scion wood (cuttings from apple trees).
  • I know of a rare apple tree. Great, I would appreciate hearing about it.
  • Can you identify my apple? On my web site, please visit the How to identify unknown apples page.

Heritage Apple Nursery (Apple varieties frequently offered for sale)

Adam & Eve ---very large (one of the largest apples), slightly flattened and bluntly pointed, light yellow with wide red stripes & blush, medium tart, ripe late September in Wilkes Co., NC. [Note: Not every apple on the tree is very large.]

Balsam Sweet ---large to very large, flattened, light yellow, mildly sweet, ripe October in Russell Co., VA.

Betsy Deaton ---large round, beautifully colored with red, delightfully tart taste, ripe late September. A great local apple found in Yancey and Mitchell Counties, NC.

Blush Pippin ---medium to large, slightly elongated, lemon yellow, with a bright pink blush, firm, tart, prominent dots on skin, ripe October in Yancey Co., NC. Similar to the less-colorful Yellow Pippin in that area.

Brimstone ---medium, round and slightly flattened, dull yellow with a small amount of red and significantly covered with "rust", tart, ripe late October in Patrick Co., VA.

Brushy Mountain Limbertwig ---medium, slightly flattened, green mostly covered with red & with small rusty spots, dense flesh, mildly tart, ripe very late, the famous apple from the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes and Alexander Cos., NC.

Bull Nose ---medium-large, round and significantly conical, dark red, medium tart, ripe late October in Carroll Co., VA.

Camack Sweet ---medium to large, round to slightly elongated, light whitish-yellow color with some occasional red blush, slightly sweet, ripe very late, a good keeper, from Haywood Co., NC.

Cider Sweet ---medium, slightly flattened and roundish, light yellow with some red, mildly sweet taste, ripe September in Jackson Co., NC.

Coffee Seedling ---large to almost very large, oblate to round and a little conical dark green with a dull red blush and stripes, sub acid, for any general use, ripe late September in Rabun Co., GA; sold by a historic nursery in Catawba Co., NC. [This apple is not the same as the Coffey Seedling, sold by the Coffey Orchard of Watauga Co., which looks very similar to the Dula Beauty.]

Colton (Early Colton) ---medium, roundish with some apples slightly conical, light yellow, mildly tart, for fresh eating, ripe July in Alexander Co., NC.

Crow Egg ---a dull red apple with a unique pointed shape, medium sized, favored for fresh eating; old trees can still be found in western Yancey and eastern Madison Cos., also occasionally found further north into Tazewell Co., VA.

Early Harvest ---medium, slightly flattened, almost white when fully ripe, ripe July, and found in Macon Co., NC; this popular early variety was also found at many other locations.

Early Transparent ---medium-large, slightly flattened, greenish-yellow to light yellow, almost translucent when very ripe, juicy, great all-round apple, tart, ripe July, found in Wilkes Co., NC.

Fallawater ---an immense greenish yellow general purpose cooking apple; tart, firm, widely distributed, but especially found from Grayson Co., VA to Avery Co., NC.

Green Witch ---medium, a little oblate with flat top and bottom, green, slightly yellow when over-ripe, sub acid, for fresh eating, ripe late August in Jackson Co., NC. [This apple could have originated from the Big Witch area of Cherokee.]

Horse ---medium-large, somewhat flattened, slightly conical, yellow, tart, ripe in August; can be used for applesauce and fried pies plus many other uses, found in Wilkes Co., NC. [Every county had some version of a Horse apple.]

Jellyflower Sweet ---a truly wonderful apple with a wonderful name; very large, conical, light golden yellow, almost sweet, ripe October, for general purpose usage; found in Haywood Co., NC, also mentioned in Jackson Co., NC.

Johnson Keeper ---large, roundish conical, somewhat ribbed, covered with dark red, firm, crisp, juicy, mildly tart, a good keeper, ripe October in Wilkes Co., NC.

Junaluska ---medium-large, slightly flattened, dull golden yellow with an infrequent red blush, scattered surface russet, mild somewhat spicy taste, the favorite apple of the famous Cherokee Chief, Junaluska, found in Macon Co., NC.

Kansas Sweet ---small to medium, somewhat flattened, pale yellow, slightly sweet, for fresh eating, ripe August in Wilkes Co., NC.

King Luscious ---large to very large, round and slightly flattened, greenish-yellow mostly covered with red, juicy and mildly tart, ripe October, found in Craig Co., VA.

Koger (Cougar) ---very large, round, light green to light yellow, firm, very tart, slightly bitter, very late ripening, a prominent old apple previously between Jonesville and Dot, VA, an actual tree was finally found in Watauga Co., NC.

Magnum Bonum ---below medium, slightly flattened and roundish, yellow covered with dark and light red, mildly tart, my favorite "snack apple", ripe late September in Wilkes Co., NC. The Latin approximate translation of "Magnum Bonum" is "a great good".

McCuller's Winter ---medium large, round and slightly conical, yellow mostly covered with red, tart, excellent keeping apple, ripe early November in Wilkes Co., NC.

Morgan ---large, round and slightly flattened, pale yellow, tart, for apple sauce, ripe September in Macon Co., NC. One of five "Morgan" apples found.

Nickajack ---medium-large, roundish and slightly flattened, green mostly covered with dull red, tart, ripe October in Carter Co., TN; a good keeping apple.

Night Dropper ---medium large, round and conical, light yellow partially covered with pale red stripes, mildly tart, for fresh eating, ripe late August and early September in Iredell Co., NC. Supposedly most of the apples fall from the tree at night; was mentioned by four people at three locations in Iredell and Yadkin Counties.

Pound Pippin ---large to very large, oblate and slightly conical, greenish yellow to yellow, moderately tart, for drying and baking, ripe mid-October in Smyth Co., VA.

Pumpkin ---large, somewhat flattened, yellow with red stripes & blush, tart, ripe early October in Grayson Co., VA.

Red June ---medium, slightly flattened, having a beautiful red blush, white flesh is moderately tart, ripe in July. Every county had a version of the "Red June"; from Jackson Co., NC.

Rose Limbertwig ---medium-large, round and slightly oblate, greenish yellow with a red blush on one side, denser fleshed apple, ripe late October to November in Burke Co., NC.

Royal Limbertwig ---large, roundish and somewhat flattened, greenish yellow with dull red blush, with many surface "dots", medium-tart, for apple butter, ripe November in Wilkes., Co., NC.

Rusty Coat Sweet ---medium, flattened almost totally covered with russet, tart, ripe October, a good keeper, some apples hang on until February; from Catawba Co., NC.

Sheepnose (NC) ---medium, elongated, dull red, slightly dry with a great taste, ripe September-October, a good keeper. "Sheepnose" is also a generic name for any elongated apple; this one was found in Macon Co., NC.

Virginia Beauty ---medium to large, round and slightly conical, dull blackish red with prominent russet around the stem, mildly tart, ripe October. This is the favorite apple of many people.

White Buckingham ---large to very large, slightly flattened to flattened, greenish-yellow with an occasional blush, tart, ripe in August; a wonderful all-round summer cooking apple.

White Horse ---medium, round and a little conical, whitish green to whitish yellow, very white flesh, slightly tart, very white flesh, for applesauce and fresh eating, ripe early to mid-August in Iredell Co., NC.

White Sweet ---medium, round and slightly flattened, white, sweet, tender, for fresh eating, ripe late July in Wilkes Co., NC.

Winter Banana ---medium-large, slightly flattened, bright red on yellow, one of the most strikingly beautiful apples, tart, ripe October found in Carter Co., TN.

Wolf River ---large to very large, slightly flattened to flattened, greenish yellow half covered with red, tart, ripe September, often used to make apple butter, found in Macon Co., NC.

Yellow Bellflower ---large to very large, slightly flattened, pale yellow, tart, ripe late September to October. Many people especially love this apple.